Hayhurst's American Bulldogs

           "American Bulldog health guarantee"

                                                                                Health/Sale guarantee

This health guarantee is between (seller) Hayhurst  Bulldogs  and (buyers)______________________________________ on this_____ day  of _______________________ .
 This is a replacement only guarantee, no cash refunds. This guarantees your pup to be free of " Genetic Defects" such as Hip Dysplasia or any other "life threatening" defects for up to 1yr. You have 48 hr.s (or 2 business days) to have the puppy vet checked after the puppy is in your care. You will need to send  a copy of the vet cert. saying the puppy is in good health.
This guarantee will be VOID if any of the following things have occurred to the dog:

1) Neglected in any way
2) Has not had ALL puppy shots and routine vet care
3) Has been weight pulled (before one year )
4) Abused in any way
5) If the dog has been bred (Male or Female , Accident or by choice) Before the one year.
6) Used for fighting
7) If the puppy has not been taken to the vet with in 48 hr.s of new owners care

If the said dog is found to have Hip Dysplasia or any other life threatening problem , then all vet reports , X-rays, Penn Hip, OFA reports must be given to Seller at time of clam.Dog must have at least one of the above done, After you have sent the proof of Hip Dysplasia or other life threatening problem , and proof of said dog being spayed or neutered , you will be able to get a replacement puppy , you will not have to return said puppy to us as long as you send us proof of it being spayed or neutered . All vet bills and shipment cost are to be taken care of by buyer . Hayhurst WILL NOT be responsible for any vet bills or shipment cost !! This is not guaranteeing that our puppies will be breeding or show quality puppies , so only life threatening issues  will result in a replacement puppy !
The puppy must be seen by your Veterinarian with in 48 hrs of being with new owners.

Hayhurst  Bulldogs  gets the first choice to take dog / puppy back if buyer decides to re home the animal.
The Suffix or Prefix  "Hayhurst's" must be carried on all puppies bought from Hayhurst's  Bulldogs on any and all registration papers .

If you are buying a male puppy from us we hold the right to two breeding's from the male when it is of age if we chose to ! The Buyer will not be responsible for any of the cost for the breeding's .
You can send a non-refundable deposit to hold pick spot in the litter , puppies must be paid in full by the age of six weeks old or if your having the puppy shipped it has to be paid in full at lest 5 days before said pup can be shipped , if said puppy is not paid in full by the age of 8 weeks your deposit will be forfeited and the puppy will be placed back up for sale!

Buyer:___________________________________ Phone #:______________________       Date: __________________

Buyer's address: ______________________________________


Hayhurst  Bulldogs (Seller):__________________________________________________
Larry Hayhurst
1668 Old Mount Nebo RD
Mount Nebo, WV 26679