Hayhurst's American Bulldogs

          Collette Page   X  S. Gr.Ch.WP3 Ren-Scot's Purple Haze Litter 2-1-11

                         Jr. Champion Sky from the Page X Haze litter



                   NKC Champion Hayhust's Burin' Bridge's ... Barlow

                          Keeper male from our Page X Haze breeding

                                                         Jerrica X Hulk 

          NKC Champion  HardDrives Jethro of Hayhurst

    Here are a couple pic.s of our Grand Champion  WP1 Gibbs off spring         

 Champion Hayhurst's Grumpy old man .. Grumpy

Grumpy is out of Gr.CH.Gibbs X Atomic's Sugar Doll 2 (Pumpkin)

 Champion HardDive's Tiara Rose of Mac's

Gr.Ch. Gibbs X Atomic' Sugar Doll 2

                                      Below is Loki also from Jerrica X Hulk , he is 1 in these pic.s and turing out just super !!


This was Little Boy and his new family in PA.

We called this big girl Baby Girl she was 4wks in this pic. Her new family the Kelly's  renamed her Rudy.